Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Medicated musing

It's funny how after a while, I actually don't NEED to eat anymore. I feel my empty stomach and body asking politely for food - but my mind simply cannot be bothered. I see and smell food all around me, but its like I know what food is, I don't need to taste it again. I merely eat to keep my circulation and brain going. I find eating too time-consuming, getting in the way of things.

I see no real reason to eat, only to keep me alive. But even that is a chore - something I have to do, rather than what I choose to do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Personal tips

There are millions of tips already found in other fabulous pro-anorexia sites. I do not want to replicate them all over again, so instead, here are my own personal tactics that help me live my lifestyle. More tips will be added towards the end of the list.

1) Do not completely fast altogether either - I still recommend to eat something very small and light at least twice a day. However, ONLY keep it small and light. My golden rule: don't EVER eat until you are at least near blacking out. See how long you can make it each time. But your metabolism will be seriously fucked up if you abstain completely. I only eat three times a day and leave it at that.

2) When eating out in an Asian resturant where the main meals are shared by all guests, try this trick. Use small rice bowls and chopsticks and fill up your rice bowl with steam white rice (low in cals and no fat). Only take a tiny piece or two of the main meat dish and take a long while nibbling on it while finishing off the rest of the rice. This way, no-one will notice that you have only taken a bite of the fattening main meal. Steam white rice is reasonably safe to eat once in a while.

3) When those so-called 'afternoon munchies' hit, have a can of diet cola. Fizzy diet soft drinks are ideal on an empty stomach as it is enough to make you feel full and bloated due to the carbonated water. The aftertaste of diet cola is also nauseating. To top it off, have some sugar-free chewing gum straight afterwards, and double the disgusting aftertaste factor. Puts you off eating immediately.


I enjoy being underweight. I enjoy being thin. I enjoy the anorexic lifestyle.

Anorexia is an art. And as artists, one requires total dedication and passion. There is something both beautiful yet morbid about this so-called 'disorder'. However, to me and many of 'us' out there, anorexia is much much more than that. For "anorexia is a state of mind, a lifestyle, an expression, a freedom and a choice."

This little place of mine collects bits and pieces of our prefect drug, ana. For ana is the only thing that adds meaning and colour to our otherwise bland existance. And for some of us out there, disordered eating has, and will, always be a part of our lives.

This is a pro-anorexia site. You either love it or hate it. I am not held responsible for your actions, either they may be beneficial or detrimental to your lifestyle.

The cult of thinness... pro-anorexia on the net

The world is referring us as "the world's most dangerous secret society." Even more dangerous that those bomb-making sites? Those child pornography rings? Those racist and homophobic egroups? I don't think so.

We don't set out to intentionally promote hatred and intolerance in society. We place endless disclaimers left, right and centre acknowledging that we know what we are doing to ourselves and those like us. We accept the risks involved, yet all we want is to simply live our lives the way we want. Freedom of speech, freedom of the individual - it's as simple as that. Besides, you can't just "catch" anorexia - you either have the innate instinct or you don't. For those already with so-called 'vague anorexic tendencies' and use the net to search pro-ana sites, they would already have some sort of eating disorder anyway. I don't believe that pro-ana sites trigger the disorder to young impressionable individuals at all. Those individuals are responsible for their own personal actions. The lastest controversy regarding the issue has had many viewpoints, though the other side of the story is understandable. But to use us as scapegoats for spreading the disorder - that is just plain wrong and immoral.

Feel free to email me at: I have an open mind and don't bite... certainly not food anyway.